Morphology of communications

Mankind has always lived within ideologies: Christianity, Islam, communism, fascism, and so on.
Nowadays these buckles fall, the world is fragmented, there is no whole world view, unifying idea. Globalization accentuates this phenomenon, loneliness in the crowd, we have a lot, but every man for himself. The consumer society offers everyone to arrange their little world. Art transmits, emphasizes this subjective fragmented nature of the relationship.
Art displays a visual representation of being fragmented society. Each by itself, every man for himself. The essence of what is happening emphasizes the fragmentation of modern philosophy. No common sense, there is only fragmentary scrutiny of social phenomena. Consumer society. Loneliness in the crowd. Personality withdraws into himself. And it promotes creative individualism. Created fragmented, subjective works which reflect a part, and a whole does not exist. Contemporary Art Exhibition consists of fragments depicting fragmented world.
People are less than human beings.
Each by itself.
The genius of leading society disappeared.

Sergey Belik

Curators: Dmitry Yevsieiev, Sergey Belik
Coordinator: Oleg Dimov
Partner of project: Film UG company

The project participants: Sergey Belik, Dmitry Yevsieiev, Oleg Dimov, Juliya Gorte, Stas Zhalobnyuk, Irina Ozarinskaya, Nikolai Lukin, Evgeny Vielichiev, Elena Shchokina, Alyona Datso-Rassvetnaya, Katerina Kiper, Jaroslav Rashevsky.